Help with Treasure Hunt

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Help with Treasure Hunt

The object of the Explore the States Treasure Hunt is to find pictures of all the items listed on the Treasure Hunt page. All the pictures are contained in the stories in the Explore the States section of this website.

Some of the pictures are harder to find than others, so we have provided some hints to help you get started.

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When I go to the Treasure Hunt page, the pictures that I've already found are not showing up. Why?

Browser cookies are used to save the list of pictures you have already found. If your browser does not accept cookies, the Treasure Hunt will not work properly, because the Treasure Hunt list will not remember which pictures you have found. In order for the Treasure Hunt to work properly, you will need to make sure your browser's cookies are turned on.

Instructions for turning on cookies

Please refer to your browser's instructions for turning on cookies. Please note that if you select the ASK BEFORE ACCEPTING option, then you will need to click YES when asked if you want to accept a cookie.