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Help with Postcards

The Jump Back in Time and Join America at Play sections of this website contain a special feature for sending electronic postcards to your friends and family.

Sending Postcards

To send a postcard, go to the Postcards area of the Join America at Play or Jump Back in Time section. You can get there by clicking the Send a Postcard button on the main page of either section. This will take you to a page containing a selection of small postcard images.

Click on any of the small postcard images, and you will be shown the full-sized postcard. On the right side of the screen, there is a form to fill out. To send the postcard, you'll need to enter your name and email address (so the person you send it to knows who it's from), and the email address of the person to whom the card should be sent. There is also a box where you can enter a short personal message which will be sent to the recipient. Click SEND, and your postcard will be sent.

The recipient will receive an email containing your message, and a link to the postcard on this site.

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Receiving Postcards

When you receive a postcard from America's Library, you will receive email containing a personal message from the sender, the sender's email address and a URL linking to the postcard image on the America's Library website. To see the postcard, click on the URL link, or copy the URL and paste it into your browser's location bar.

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