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From U.S. culture, history, society, geography, to information on studying in the U.S.A., our American Corner is designed as a virtual American Center where visitors are welcome to learn more about America and its people. It's not only a portal to reach fascinating U.S. resources, a place to tour the American arts and music through virtual exhibits and web casts; but also a location to exchange thoughts and opinions with various American professionals via chat room programs.


Sponsored jointly by a U.S. Embassy and a host-country organization, "American Corners" serve as information outposts similar to a public library reference service. These information centers serve as meeting places and "libraries" for host-country nationals who are interested in learning more about the United States.

Our American Corner

Given the high rate of Internet connectivity in Taiwan, the American Cultural Center pioneered a "Virtual" American Corner. In choosing the virtual approach, we took into account the relatively long history and close ties between the people of the U.S. and the people on Taiwan, the high frequency of travel and professional exchanges, the large number of U.S. trained academics, and the 60,000 some U.S. citizens residing in Taiwan. The great number of existing American Studies and cultural entities on the island also propelled us toward the virtual idea.

AIT Information Resource Center

The Information Resource Center (IRC) provides an extensive open-stack collection of current materials about the United States. Most of the materials in the collection cover the U.S. society and culture, history, arts and literature, economics, education, government and politics.

The IRC also provides information electronically via the Internet at and

Library Services

Reference Service:

Our reference librarians can assist you in responding to your inquiries about the U.S.  For reference inquiries, please contact us by phone at (02) 2723-3959, ext. 219, by e-mail:, or ask your question via the online reference form on our website.

Contact Information

Address: Room 2101, International Trade Building
21F., #333, Keelung Road, Section 1, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2723-3959
Fax: (02) 2725-2644

Kaohsiung American Corner

William Stanton, Director of the American Institute in Taiwan, Taipei Branch, Kaohsiung City Bureau of Cultural Affairs Director Shi Che, Bureau of Education Director Tsai Ching Hwa, and Kaohsiung Public Library Director Shih Chun-fu will open the Kaohsiung "American Corner," the first American Corner in southern Taiwan, on November 18, 2009.


地址:高雄市立圖書館寶珠分館 - 高雄市三民區民眾活動中心
電話:(07) 395-0813
傳真電話:(07) 395-2429

Taichung American Corner

One-stop center for information and culture from the U.S.The American Corner in Taichung is a partnership between the American Institute in Taiwan and the National Taichung library and is representative of the long tradition of friendship and understanding between the United States and Taiwan. As a resource center and meeting place, the American Corner will have a great deal to offer.


地址:國立台中圖書館 - 台中市精武路291之3號一樓參考室

Yilan American Shelf




地址:26049 宜蘭市民權路一段53號


王小姐 (02) 2723-3959 x. 219


電話: (03)358-1507









電話: (03)425-5216


贈書活動於台北縣有木國小舉行,由台北縣縣長周錫瑋、天下雜誌教育基金會董事長殷允芃、美國在台協會文化新聞組組長何志 (Thomas Hodges) 主持。並由代表為孩子們說故事。



美國圖書專區 (American Shelf)為文化資源交流的平台 ,經由圖書與其他閱讀媒體,呈現美國社會及文化的各層面。美國在台協會已於高雄市立圖書館成立第一個美國圖書專區,希望圖書巡迴車是第二個美國圖書專區。